Experience Itinerary Builder that Gives you Freedom

ItineraryFinder’s Itinerary builder for travel agents & tour operators is easy to use and lets you create multi-day tour itineraries in the blink of an eye.

The platform’s specialized features offer unlimited destinations, POIs and destinations images in its directory and the ability to promote customized Itineraries on different platforms.

Easy-to-use Itinerary Builder

ItineraryFinder is an easy-to-use platform that lets you build detailed itineraries that stand out. Whether you are a tour operator or travel agent, you can create detailed itineraries in an instant.

Day-wise Tour Customization

Create elaborate day-wise tour plans and make the itineraries more intuitive for your customers. Add unlimited destinations, POIs, and banner images using IF’s itinerary builder.

Mobile-Friendly User Interface

ItineraryFinder can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. It’s a mobile-friendly platform that works well with desktop/laptop computers and mobile devices such as handheld phones or tablets. Uploaded itineraries can be accessed through mobile devices.

Share Across Platforms

Once published, an itinerary can be shared with the customers through multiple channels, including Whatsapp, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Weblink, and more. Reach among a wide range of networks.

Free Online Itinerary Creator & Maker

ItineraryFinder’s online itinerary builder makes it easy for travel businesses to create a customized tour plan with all the required details. It’s an online itinerary maker that can be accessed through any device with a stable internet connection.

The platform provides you with an itinerary template that can be customized by adding the required day-wise trip details. It may look like a lot of work, but the process is far easier and faster than creating or designing an itinerary offline, on paper, excel or google docs. ItineraryFinder helps you add specific travel details to the tour plan and makes the process smooth.

Our goal at ItineraryFinder is to help your customers find the best deals on the travel of their dreams. We provide the ultimate Itinerary creator that fulfils every requirement of a travel business.

Getting Started with ItineraryFinder

To get started with IF's itinerary creator, start by signing up. The platform offers a free itinerary builder tool for all travel businesses. Once the account is created and verified, log in to the dashboard.

ItineraryFinder enables you to create travel plans using specific information for detailed itineraries. You can explore unlimited destinations and images for itinerary creation. The intuitive design of the platform helps you create the perfect tour plan every step of the way using specified instructions or tool-tips.

01 Add Itinerary

When you click on the "Add Itinerary" option, you'll need to fulfil the initial step of itinerary creation. There you first have to choose the destination you want, along with the banner image to be displayed on the live itinerary page.

Also, you have to specify the name or title of the itinerary, the number of days/nights (Duration), and the kind of experience (adventure, honeymoon, wildlife, culture, etc.) you want to provide. You can also add related tags and an itinerary summary.

The tags help in bringing your itinerary on top of searches using specific keywords. For example, "Bali tour", "Moscow", "Things to do in Indonesia", etc.

02 Day-wise Itinerary Details

After completing the first step, you can proceed towards creating day-wise itinerary plans. There you can fill in information for each day, including title or day plan, day destinations, image, and description. Carefully fill in the information for each day to create a personalized tour plan. The platform provides specific destination images from its directory for the reference of the customers. You can either choose from those images or upload your high-resolution images of the size mentioned. Complete all the required details to design a stunning itinerary and move towards the next step.

03 Publish the Itinerary

Once you have filled in all the information, click on the Save button. Doing so will take you to the dashboard. From there, you can view the itinerary, and if you feel convinced, you can move forward to publish it. If you want to make changes to the itinerary, you can choose to customize it further and add/remove details as needed.

04 Share Among Your Network

After successfully creating the itinerary, you can share it with your customers via multiple platforms, including WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Web URL, etc. ItineraryFinder allows you to reach a wide range of travellers.

Contact for Product Support

In case you need support or queries while designing itineraries, you can reach out to us through the dashboard itself. It gives you options to connect with us via email, call, WhatsApp, and enquiry form.

Benefits of Using ItineraryFinder for Itinerary Creation

ItineraryFinder offers multiple benefits to travel agents and tour operators who wish to create stunning itineraries.

Free of Cost

The platform provides its users with the ability to create, customize, and publish unlimited itineraries for free. Whether you are a travel business or a traveller, you can access ItineraryFinder free of cost.

Smooth Interface

ItineraryFinder provides a smooth interface that makes the itinerary creation process easy. Whether you want to view published itineraries or create your own, you can do that by following a few simple steps.

Pre-Added Images & Destinations

ItineraryFinder provides an inventory full of pre-added images and destinations that can be used for building beautiful itineraries hassle-free. Whether you want to create an itinerary for Goa or Germany, you can easily get multiple image options for the chosen destination that compliments your itinerary.

Instant Sharing

After successfully publishing the itinerary, you can share it among your contacts via web URL and multiple channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

Effective Marketing

ItineraryFinder is not just an itinerary exploration/creation tool. It is also an effective marketing platform that lets you promote your business through your itineraries. ItineraryFinder is accessed by thousands of travellers worldwide. If someone exploring itineraries on the platform lands on your particular itinerary, they can also find your business and contact info, thus expanding your brand reach to a bigger audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the need for a travel itinerary builder?

The basic need of a travel itinerary is to keep all of the travel planning in one place. An itinerary builder can be useful for travel agents and tour operators who wish to create personalized travel plans for potential travellers. A well-created itinerary can work as crucial information to align a tour in the right direction.

How do I create an Itinerary?

It’s super-easy to create an itinerary using ItineraryFinder. Once you have logged into the IF’s dashboard, you can click on the “add itinerary” button. It will take you to the itinerary creation page where you can customize your travel plan as needed. You can choose any destination and create a day-wise travel plan within minutes.

What are the features provided by ItineraryFinder?

Apart from full customization of itineraries, the platform has some other significant features for its users:

  • Create detailed day-wise itineraries
  • Access and publish from anywhere
  • Contains worldwide destinations
  • Super easy to navigate
  • Free for both travel businesses and explorers
  • Itineraries that can be shared with customers via multiple social platforms

To know more, click here.

Is ItineraryFinder’s itinerary builder only available for travel agents and tour operators?

No, the itinerary builder of ItineraryFinder can be accessed by anyone interested in creating or distributing customized itineraries. Whether you are a travel business or just a traveller, you can publish itineraries and explore more for free.

Can tour operators create multi-destination itineraries using ItineraryFinder?

Yes, tour operators can create multi-destination itineraries using ItineraryFinder. It is super easy to create complex arrangements and add multiple destinations. You can add as many destinations as you need to create a perfect itinerary.

Can Itineraries be customized once published?

Yes, ItineraryFinder gives you access to further customize your itinerary, even if you have already published it. You can make as many changes as you can and share the newly customized itineraries with your networks.

Is it possible for a tour operator to share travel itineraries with customers using the ItineraryFinder platform itself?

Yes, tour operators and travel agents can share travel itineraries. The platform gives the option of sharing itineraries via multiple platforms, including Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Do I have to pay any charges to create and publish itineraries with ItineraryFinder?

No, you don’t need to pay any charges to use itineraries. The platform provides itinerary exploration and itinerary builder services for free of cost.

Can I access ItineraryFinder through my mobile/tablet?

ItineraryFinder is a web application that can be easily accessed through any computer and mobile device. All you need is a stable internet connection to build itineraries.

Will I be able to add multi-day tours plans for my itinerary using IF’s itinerary builder?

Yes, you can easily create day-wise plans. ItineraryFinder lets you create day-wise detailed itineraries.

How can I get my itinerary without paying?

ItineraryFinder is among the top itinerary creation platforms that offer free itinerary builder and exploration tools to travel businesses and travellers alike. One can create and publish unlimited itineraries on the ItineraryFinder’s website for thousands of travellers and agents to see. The platform is free to use, with no hidden costs involved.

How ItineraryFinder helps small travel agents?

ItineraryFinder provides a platform to small travel agents and tour operators where they can create and publish unlimited itineraries for free of cost. They can share them among millions of travellers and agents through the ItineraryFinder Platform without any added costs.

How ItineraryFinder helps to market the travel business?

ItineraryFinder is a platform used by thousands of travel agents and travellers worldwide. It lets you publish your itineraries along with your business information. This allows you to market your travel business among those explorers and reach a wider audience without having to pay anything.

Do I need any technical skills to use ItineraryFinder for creating itineraries?

No, ItineraryFinder does not require any added technical skills for itinerary creation. All you need is a basic knowledge of using the internet and a day-wise plan of how your itinerary should look like. The platform majorly guides you through the process every step of the way to help you create a beautiful itinerary.

How is ItineraryFinder different from Ms Excel for creating Itineraries?

ItineraryFinder is a web application that makes the process of creating itineraries intuitive and smooth. Unlike excel or other platforms, IF provides you with preloaded images and destinations in its inventory. Also, once you create an itinerary, it can be published directly on the ItineraryFinder platform for thousands of explorers and travel agents, all for free.